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Born in Halifax, West Yorkshire, England. Migrated to Australia in 1968 and now live in an outer South eastern suburb of Melbourne. Married since 1966 to my wife who was diagnosed with dementia in 2011. I am an imperfect follower of the Christian faith who believes that most things in life happen for a reason or purpose. The last 12 years, since my wife showed the first signs of having memory problems, have gradually taught me patience, compassion and some understanding of the situations that arise when a person Is living with dementia.

The last sentences on my last post raised some interesting comments from readers. Some were posted on here, others were received via other messenger apps. In order to dispel any thoughts readers might have about me being all alone in … Continue reading

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August 1, 2018

After an interval of nearly 18 months it might seem to followers that I have lost interest in maintaining this blog. I started this blog 6 years ago when my wife was in the early stages of dementia. There had … Continue reading

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3 February 2017

In December I was invited to speak at a Men’s Shed near where I live. For information about Australian Men’s Shed organisation go to  The one I was invited to address is part of New Peninsula Baptist Church, based … Continue reading

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It has been nearly a year since my last post and I feel a bit guilty about that. But today is a significant anniversary and I think deserves a special mention here. It is now 3 years since my wife … Continue reading

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10 August 2015

Another six months has passed since my last post. For past readers of this blog (refer post dated 19 February 2015) I ought tell you I am uni dropout. About 9 weeks into the semester I had a medical problem … Continue reading

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February 19 2015

It is nearly six months since my last post, and a few things have happened in that time. From October to December I completed the UTAS Understanding Dementia free on-line course. Over 25000 people from around the world were enrolled … Continue reading

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11 September 2014

Just over 3 weeks ago I moved my wife from the aged care facility she has been residing for the last year. I was offered a room in the dementia wing of the aged care facility in the retirement village where … Continue reading

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