April 4

It is 5 weeks since my last post, and it has been quite a busy time. I attended the last 2 weeks of the Family Carer Course. The first week was about communication and the second about changes in behavior. I found it all very useful information and the course leaders are to be commended for their helpful and sympathetic attention to the problems related by the diverse group of people that attended.

Next week I start the 7 week course (1 day a week) on Creative Caring. This time Carer Support are providing a carer to be with my wife while I attend the course. The carer is coming to our home tomorrow for 2 hours to ‘meet and greet’ prior to attending on Tuesday. This carer will gently introduce my wife to personal care by someone other than me.

3 weeks ago our niece, who lives in England, came to stay with us for a while before travelling to Brisbane to stay with her daughter. She has been a fantastic help with household chores, washing, ironing, cleaning and washing up after meals and encouragement. For the last 2 days she has been sewing name tags on my wife’s clothing for when I get to organising some residential respite care.

The week before Easter we all went away for a weeks holiday in NSW.  This was a bit of a challenge for my wife who can be disoriented even in our own home. But I needed a break from the daily routine of cooking, cleaning, shopping etc. So for the whole week the only meals I prepared were breakfasts. I can’t remember the last time I had a holiday when we ate out for lunch and dinner everyday. The weather was perfect, sunny and warm for 6 out of the 7 days.

Next Thursday we have the assessor coming from the Banksia Day Care Centre. Hopefully this will lead to some overnight and weekend respite care.

I must get back in touch with the psychologist and resume the counselling sessions I started back in February. I still haven’t done the homework she set me, and I don’t think I will start it now.

About labtad

Born in Halifax, West Yorkshire, England. Migrated to Australia in 1968 and now live in an outer South eastern suburb of Melbourne. Married since 1966 to my wife who was diagnosed with dementia in 2011. I am an imperfect follower of the Christian faith who believes that most things in life happen for a reason or purpose. The last 12 years, since my wife showed the first signs of having memory problems, have gradually taught me patience, compassion and some understanding of the situations that arise when a person Is living with dementia.
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