October 30

Yesterday my wife had her first “impromptu walk”. (Just another name for a wander without letting me know she was going)  I didn’t know she had gone out. I was doing the ironing and I thought my wife outside sweeping up under the back veranda. Fortunately one of our neighbours saw her and invited my wife in for a cup of tea, while her husband contacted the village sisters and who let me know where she was. Our immediate neighbours know our situation and have been very supportive to us with various expressions of concern. Thank God for good neighbours.

This morning I took my wife to get her hair cut. She fell asleep during the process.

We had a visit from Carer Support this afternoon. This is the follow up from the ACAT interview we had last month. It is the beginning of a 3 to 6 month support service to help me better able to care for my wife. Various documents were left for me to browse as well as an Emergency Care Plan Kit. This is a kit which lists all the vital information about my wife in the event that I am unable to continue with my carer functions for any reason. There is a card for me to carry in my wallet, and an Emergency Care Plan listing all the people to be contacted in such an emergency, and all the details relating to my wife’s condition. I have also been recommended to do a Carers Course  being held next February for 7 weeks for half a day a week.

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