October 15

I have been very tired today. I am a fairly light sleeper and the least sound wakes me up. As I have mentioned before, my wife goes to bed early, usually about 2-3 hours before I am ready to go. On a few occasions recently my wife has awakened at about 3.00 am. On some of those occasions she has said to me “are you alright?” That instantly wakes me up wondering what’s wrong with her. Usually my wife goes back to sleep fairly quickly while I remain awake for the next 2 hours.

For some time now my wife has developed a habit of mumbling to herself. She is having a conversation with herself but I can’t quite hear what the subject of the discussion is. Another quite annoying habit she has developed is to say “yes” with every exhale of breath. She does something similar while enjoying a meal, but on these occasions it is a “mmmm” with each mouthful of food. I suppose I should be glad that the food I prepare is appreciated so much.

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