October 9

There have been some new types of behaviour emerging in recent days. My wife has started wandering around the house and then standing staring at various articles. Another one is when she picks up a magazine and appears to be reading it, but she never turns to the next page. Late this afternoon for a good 30 minutes she was looking at a DVD folder, then opening it and looking at the DVD which had no more than 20 words on it. Then she closed the folder and looked at the outside , then opened it again. I was becoming quite frustrated watching this happening and in the end had to distract her with something and put the DVD somewhere out of here reach and line of sight. One more quite disturbing behaviour is sometimes when she feels too warm she will take of her trousers and walk around half dressed.

She is finding it increasingly difficult to say what she wants to say . While shopping this morning it took at least 5 minutes to work out that she needed some more talcum powder in her bathroom. This evening it took me 10 minutes to understand that she wanted to look at the new jumper we bought for her earlier in the day. A few times recently when we there has a misunderstanding between us, because of her inability to express her thoughts, she has said that she is going to live somewhere else. I find this quite upsetting. In response to her statement I asked if she was wanting to move to the nursing home. She said that this not what she wants to do, (at least not yet). Personally I am not ready for her to move to the nursing home. The move will be necessary at some stage and I think when it happens it will be very hard for both of us to readjust to our new situations. This month we will been married for 46 years, we have always done everything together, and not to have her beside me each day (and each night) will be something which I will find very difficult to come to terms with.

About labtad

Born in Halifax, West Yorkshire, England. Migrated to Australia in 1968 and now live in an outer South eastern suburb of Melbourne. Married since 1966 to my wife who was diagnosed with dementia in 2011. I am an imperfect follower of the Christian faith who believes that most things in life happen for a reason or purpose. The last 12 years, since my wife showed the first signs of having memory problems, have gradually taught me patience, compassion and some understanding of the situations that arise when a person Is living with dementia.
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